Scrapping For Fun: Three Tips To Help With Metal Recycling As A Hobby

If you are looking for a way to make a little extra money, scrapping metal may be right for you. It can also be a really fun hobby that gives you a lot more than just the extra cash in your pocket. There are some metals that you may want to take directly to a recycling center like American Northwest Recycling and others that you may just want to save as an investment. Here are some tips to help you get started in a metal scrapping hobby that really pays off:

1. Getting Non-Ferrous Metals From Unlikely Sources

Steel is one of the most common metals recycled, but it is often used with other metals. Steel alloys that show non-ferrous properties (are not magnetic), can be more valuable than common steel. Other metals like aluminum can also be found in places where steel is used, such as for parts of cars, such as motors and gearboxes. When sorting your scrap, check everything with a magnet and put anything that the magnet does not stick to to the side.

2. Saving Every Bit Of Copper And Brass For A Bigger Pay Off

Copper can also be found in many different scrap materials. You may get it from old pipes, wiring and motors. Save these materials to get more weight and money. You will also want to put any brass fittings and other similar materials to the side because these often have a high copper content and are valuable because of their dense weight. You can separate these materials by the shade of red they have, putting the darkest in one pile and the lightest in another. This is because the darker materials have more copper and may be more valuable.

3. Finding The Precious Metals That Are Right In Front Of You

Now, reading this you are looking at electronics full of treasure. Your phone, the connections to monitors on PCs, and networking equipment all have precious metals in them. These metals include silver and gold. If you see any electronics connectors near you with a shiny yellow finish, that is gold plating.  There are many ways to scrap the materials, such as using acid baths to separate the gold. If you want to start easy, find the connectors with pins and remove them. These pins can often be solid gold. You can save these materials for your own investment, melting them into coins, jewelry or even your own gold and silver bullion.

These are some tips to help you get started in a scrapping hobby that really pays. If you have metals that you are ready to get some cash for, contact a metal recycling center to get the prices of metals and find out what recycling centers near you accept.

Author: Frieda Jones

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