Understanding And Passing A Smog Test

If you are a driver that wants to keep your vehicle registered and street legal, it is vitally important that you understand the laws of your state. Many states have annual road inspection requirement, while others require you to get a smog test, to make sure that your vehicle is not emitting noxious fumes past a certain limit.

If you live in a state that requires smog tests, you should know the ins and outs, so that you are able to keep your vehicle street legal. To learn more about the smog test, consider the following information. 

#1: What exactly is a smog test?

During a smog test, licensed and certified auto mechanics will run your vehicle and hit the accelerator, while gauging specific data about the emissions your car produces. Each jurisdiction that administers these tests has specific limits that you’ll need to be under, in order for your car to be legal. Your state will also have a certain smog test requirement timetable, such as having to get a new test every 5 years, or before renewing your registration. This requirement was put in place so that pollution is reduced and people can breathe the cleanest air possible. 

#2: What can I do to pass a smog test?

You’ll need to take inventory of your vehicle in order to figure out the best way to pass your smog test. For instance, the older the vehicle, the greater the likelihood of a failed test. The best thing you can do to pass is to take your vehicle in for an inspection, tune up and routine maintenance visit, so that you can have all systems operating at their peak. This can include things like getting your oil changed, transmission flushed and computer system calibrated. 

#3: What happens if I fail a smog test?

Each state is different with the way it handles smog tests, but you will be given a fail sticker and will have a certain number of days to rectify the situation. Typically, if you take your automobile back to the shop that failed it, they will reinspect at no charge. You can also get repairs done at that shop which will help put your car in a position to pass the smog test the second time around. 

Consider this information and make sure to always keep it in mind, so that your vehicle remains green friendly and street legal. To learn more, contact a company like West Coast Smog.

Author: Frieda Jones

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